Kingdoms have fallen, the Moss Monstrosity lingers in Labyrinth.

When death fell over the valley, country men fled to the interior islands of the great lakes. As fire ravaged the farms and towns, hope’s last breath exhaled. The remaining survivors suffered fear of kidnapping and torture as the black and grey behemoths toyed with them and allowed them to starve.

Massive unholy beasts, gargoyles of midworld, had stood frozen on peaks of buildings for centuries.  In the last period before midsummers peak a great creaking sound had began to permeate throughout the city of Labyrinth. Panic and screaming erupted as the monoliths of old broke free of their pedestals. Many fell grovelling and worshipping the stone statues, none survived.

Old men in tattered fatigues had spoken of moss giants from the days of old. Great necromancers, able to call midworld’s spirits to reality. Only the bravest of these men would utter the words of the Moss Monstrosity, a dark creature who was feared by anything living.

After men were gone, a great silence fell over Labyrinth. A thick layer of dirt and moss covered the cobblestone road of the great maze in the city. Swamps have formed below stairways and gnats buzz over the murky water. Broken pillars and crumbling archways left evidence of the war between the gargoyles and the Moss Monstrosity.

The fate of the stone monoliths was sealed from the beginning, their great wings swallowed up by the outstretched arms of the Dark Moss King. His body is the earth and is all encompassing, nothing may hide from his sight and his reach. The explosive fire thrown from the fists of the gargoyles had only served as fuel for the Moss kings magic.


The Labyrinths innovation and engineering was known in legend. Hidden in the center was the promised land, a secret place of rejuvenation. Only the heirs to the constructors of the labyrinth knew the complicated path to the healing paradise. While many had starved, lost in the twisting stone walls, a lucky few adventurers had found their destination and lived out their days in luxury and youth. These men and women of good health were consumed by the Dark Moss King.

To the west of Labyrinth lies Corinth, a town lain in desolation. To the north of Corinth is Beth, another mighty city in ruin. A zig-zag of sacked civilisations crosses the geography of the primitive planet, a visual representation of the Moss Monstrosities hunger and boredom.

When the Moss King had heard of the Labyrinth, and the great appeal to adventurers, he had summoned the gargoyles to lay waste to the gentle citizens of the city.

It is their hearts he seeks. The great fire that screams in us in our hours of passion and love. He is driven by the seeker’s thrill of the journey, the hunter’s pursuit of his game.

The Moss Monstrosity lingers in the hallways of the Labyrinth. He awaits those who will excite him in their search for the everlasting. As their hearts charge with emotion and cheer fills up their bellies, a swift shadow will fall over them.

As years pass brave men will hear the stories of Labyrinth and the Moss King’s domain. They take up sword and shield, questing for the honour of defeating the dark elemental creature. The greatest knights will only prove to have the most delectable hearts for the Moss Monstrosity to harvest.

He has found the nourishment necessary for the scale of his efforts, and so he temps, and he eats, and he grows…


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