Pushing through

I can feel the tug of laziness pulling on my motivation to write. So far my blog has been attracting a few visitors, and I’ve been feeling good about that. I think the sense of accomplishment is what’s making me lazy, rather then just not wanting to do the work. I’ve gotten some good feedback and feel pretty happy about my progress so far.

This is a habit I’m trying to form so there’s no room for laziness, especially right now. I’m at the hardest part, I’m past the initial thrill and it’s starting to feel more like work. It’s fun work at least so that makes it a little easier to force myself to sit down and do some writing. If I give up now I’ll just have to start all over, so I’m not even going to waste one day.

I would like to do a whole post about how writing has improved my mood and depression, but I don’t know exactly what’s helping me cope right now. My prescription for my medication was increased a couple months ago, so there’s no way to tell if it’s just the medication kicking in and doing it’s job.

One thing I know for sure is that writing at least gives me something to do, and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Rather then pacing around my house for hours, I’m sitting here at my computer doing research or writing blog posts or short stories.

The past few days have been spent completely on writing, probably 6-7 hours per day. Not writing for 6 hours straight, but things related to writing such as learning or reading.

It feels great to accomplish something, and to identify myself as somebody who is doing something.

I think I’ll be switching over to doing more short story writing, as this seems like the best coping mechanism I’ve found so far. I’ll keep my blog updated, but I think for a little while my content is mostly going to be short stories. Maybe in a month or two I’ll do a blog post write up on the results of forming a new habit.

Sorry, not much to share today, but you can probably expect a short story from me later!


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