Reign of Cassidy

Ricks view of the beach was a picture of death. Body parts were strewn all over the place, and the sand was stained in so much blood. The remains were mostly human, although resting beside the torso of most bodies was the carcase of a bird.

A green folding chair sat in the middle of the mess, and Rick tipped his hat and sunk deeper into it. This was going to be a good day.

A woman in an orange sundress and a yellow wide brimmed hat sauntered down from the beach-house close to where Rick was sitting.

“It’s time, Ricky.” She stretched her arms around his neck from behind, blood from his shoulders dying her arms red.

“Are you sure Cass? There’s so many already. Couldn’t we just enjoy this?”

“No Ricky, not yet. We have work to do, don’t you see? Honey, don’t you want to work with me?” A genuine smile lit sup every inch of her face. She is beautiful, short, but beautiful.

Rick can’t resist the smile, he knows that he will do whatever she bids him. Has already done everything she has asked. He thought this time he did really good, that she would be satisfied. As always she craved more, needed it in the very soul of her being. It seemed today wasn’t going to be so good after all.

“Yes  love, let’s begin.” He picked up the axe laying down beside his feet, and began walking up the beach towards the yellow Pontiac parked by the house.

“Let’s try crows this time, okay dear?”

A guttural hum emanated from Ricks chest, his head twitching to the left rapidly. It stopped as quickly as it started.

“Whatever you ask love.”


Cassidy watched as the Pontiac drove up the hill, and then quickly began her business. Birds of many species chirped in cages lining the outside of the house. She plucked one of the budgies out, and caressed it softly.

She carried the tiny bird down to Ricks last batch of bodies, and proceeded to tearing it’s wings off. When this was finished, she placed the wings on the back of a hacked up torso.

Cassidy Valentine thought back to the days in the psychiatric ward, there were no birds then. Just the cold dark room and the smell of urine and body odour. There had been no freeing gods creatures, and lending wings to the fallen so that they may reach heavens eternal gates. There had been no Rick.


Rick peered through the binoculars at the pudgy man standing on the corner of 1st street. This was a good sign, if the man was able to fill his gullet so lavishly, there would be others in hiding with food as well. He knew Cass would need to eat something soon, it had been days. Usually when she went that long without food it meant Rick was going to be pulling overtime. Her thirst was insatiable during those times, and it seemed she confused her hunger for food with something else.

How could he think that way, that this was a good sign? What he was doing was horrible and he knew it. Cass’s power over him was relentless, however, and he in no way considered any other plan of action. He would kill, and she would love him for it, and that was enough.

It began to rain, pelting down on Rick hidden behind the bus stop bench. The last tussle he had gotten into there had been a knife involved, and a thin slice ran from his collarbone to his naval. Water seeped into the wound, and sparks began to erupt violently.


The Pontiac rolled back into the driveway, shooting gravel from the tires as it came to a stop. Cass looked up from her work and smiled as Rick vacated the vehicle. The smile quickly turned to a frown when she realized he had come home empty handed.

As rick made his way towards the beach, he began picking up speed. Faster and faster, until he broke out into a full run. Something was wrong.

Silver steel glinted in the sunlight as the axe came down on Cassidy’s neck. Cutting roughly a third of the way through, she fell down onto the ground squirming. He hacked away at her until she became so many pieces like the others on the beach.

Rick laid down beside her, and waited as his body began to twitch in it’s own destruction. The rain had short-circuited his heart, the place where love was programmed.

Scientists had said that love was most important in a robots makeup. That no travesty could be done with strong enough love centers in it’s wiring.

Rick was the latest model, with the strongest love neurons ever built. Critics claimed he could never kill, because of how encompassing his love was. He was capable of destroying whole towns, but they had wired him to take care of the planet. Nobody knew that he would fall so deeply in love with Cassidy. That he would do anything for her, because he loved her.

When the love neurons in Ricks heart were ruined, he was left with only his reasoning. No longer held by loves grasp, he knew that Cass had to be destroyed.


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