I think the worst part about learning to be a better writer is having to read your stuff and cringe. Seeing where it’s sloppy, or just plain bad can be a little disheartening. The thing that keeps me going really is just that I enjoy doing it. I enjoy the challenge of trying to come up with a story.

I’ve been waking up everyday at 7:30, and setting up my laptop in the living room. I turn the tv onto the Christmas fireplace, it’s really calming. I’ll make a cup of coffee or tea, and start browsing writing prompts. Then I sort of wander around thinking about ideas until something sticks. After that I can sit down and begin writing.

It’s been a good change for me to have a little bit of a routine. I feel like I have something to get up for and accomplish.

I think it’s a huge relief that I found a skill and a hobby to practise. I’ve been wanting to find something I could do everyday and still enjoy it. Even though there have been a couple days where I had to force myself, I felt a lot better once I had written something for the day.

I really hope I can improve my writing as I keep doing it. I bought a couple Hemingway books yesterday to try to learn some style from a master. I’ll probably be getting some books about grammar and punctuation as well, and maybe some books on how to be a better writer in general.

I think I’m having a hard time getting into the writing some days because of the depression. It just makes me not really interested in any kinds of stories, so it’s hard to come up with stories. Probably the best thing I can do when I get stuck though is to just push the post button and start writing. Once I get the first paragraph out it starts to come. I’m definitely struggling with endings right now too, even in my blog posts. I don’t know how to wrap things up very well.

I think I might challenge myself to write a bigger short story soon, at least 5000 words. I would like to try the space for detail and character building that more words gives you. For this I think I’ll try to brainstorm some cool ideas for a little while.

I’m pretty bored today so I might do another short story sometime soon. Hopefully something with a little deeper of a plot then what I’ve done so far. It’s hard coming up with a good storyline, but it’s worth it and I enjoy it.


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