7000 Words


I’ve written a few flash fiction stories, and only just realized that they were flash fiction and not short stories. I’ve updated my menu and I hope I didn’t annoy anybody with the mislabelling.

My writing has been feeling more and more uninspired, and I think part of that is the constraints of finishing a story in so few words. I know my depression hasn’t been helping either. I’m also starting to worry too much about what time of day I write. I keep reading everywhere that the morning is usually the best time to write for people. I keep forcing myself to write in the morning, when that might not be the best time.

I find it’s pretty erratic when I want to write, and trying to squeeze it out at the same time everyday might not be helpful. I like the idea of a routine, where I sit down and do something everyday, however, so I would still like to set myself up in the mornings to think about writing. I can read articles, read books, browse blogs, and get myself into the mood for writing so that I’m ready when the creativity begins to flow.

Having some more space to flesh out some characters and scenes I think would be beneficial. I’ve decided to work on an actual short story, and I’ve set my minimum amount of words to 7000. This should give me enough room to explore things a little more in depth. I’ve been wanting to work on something a little more substantial.

I’m also going to try to think of some novel ideas. Writing novels is an ultimate goal, so I’d like to begin as soon as possible. I’m a little picky right now with what I want to write about, so I’ll probably continue to write some short stories and flash fiction to try to come out of my comfort zone before I begin writing a novel.

I’m setting a goal of 1000 words a day for the short story I’m going to write. So far I haven’t been preparing myself much for the stories I write, I just sit down and write them. I think this time I’ll do an actual outline and try to plan out the characters and plot a little bit more before I begin writing.

Posting everyday has made me feel like I’ve accomplished something . I think when I begin writing novels, I will be proud of myself. I’m enjoying writing so far, and my plan is to continue practising it.



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