Boys to Men

What’s up hair, I see you fuckin around

What’s up weak chin, I feel you not being manly

Hey there small muscles, lift any feathers lately?

Receding hairline, lookin fine like vulture today!

Confidence, where you goin man? Hey come back!

Did you get those clothes from an idiot? I think you got those clothes from an idiot.

Momma said you look so handsome son, where’d you get the looks from?

Gramma sais you look like a man now.

Baby-faced, lookin’ like I try too hard.

Where’s my style now, where did it go?

Just last week I could have sworn I knew what it was.

I can’t eat, I can’t eat!

Force it down son!

Spend that money, hope that it changes something.

It’s just today, though. Give me a couple weeks, a few more pounds, I’ll be okay.

Work can begin now, lift those weights!

Soon enough, none of it will hurt anymore, I will outgrow this.



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