Med Change

I went to the psychiatrist today. I told him about the depression I’ve been going through the past month, as well as the brain fog and lack of focus/memory. He thinks I’m sensitive to the medications, and that seroquel is the culprit. He’s lowered the dose of seroquel, told me to just stop it completely if I don’t see improvement after a week or so.

It’s really frustrating how slow the process of working out medication can be. There’s always a month between seeing the psychiatrist. There’s really no other way though, the meds take time to take effect or lose effect.

I feel dumb as a post right now, that is for sure. My creativity is thrown out the window, and I notice myself drawing a blank quite often.

It’s really making my writing suffer and that sucks, because it feels like I found something that soothes the mind. It’s not really writer’s block. It’s closer to asking a child to write a masterpiece. The faculties of my mind are just not there right now. My word recall is terrible as well. I can just barely grasp the ideas that are floating around my head. Focusing on the thoughts is like trying to read theĀ advertisements on a nascar as it zooms past you.

I’m so frustrated. My mind is blank. Fuck it, I’m done for now.


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