Don’t read this

Don’t bother reading this, I’m just venting!

I’m fucking pissed at myself. I need to quit weed. I need to have quit weed 10 years ago. This brain fog is fucking ridiculous. I can’t think straight. I can’t focus. Fuck it I hate this so much. What’s worse is I don’t even know if it’s just the weed. What if I’m just a stupid fucking idiot? I’ve been trying to learn the basics of electricity and I can’t focus on it worth shit. My working memory is atrocious. I can’t keep simple concepts in my head long enough to make something so simple make sense.

There’s probably other things that are making this brain fog worse. My diet is horrible. So much salt and sugar. My sleeping patterns are stupid. I can’t sleep longer then 4-5 hours, after that I just wake up every 20 minutes and can’t fall back asleep. I don’t exercise for shit. My living conditions are always crap because I’m too damn depressed to clean up the house. ARG!

Fucking stupid! I hate having to wait for this to pass. It’s also frustrating that the times when I am clear-headed have no rhyme or rhythm to them. I randomly have days where I feel fine and can think straight. Most days are not like that though.

I feel like a stupid idiot. A big dumb useless fucking idiot. Why don’t you work you stupid piece of shit brain? I fucking hate you brain you sack of shit. Work properly damn you.


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