Running Scared

Can you save me from this?

Would you save me from this?

Yeah Lord my chest is tight

Clear visions of my certain death

I’m here to save you

You’re sin was pre-ordained

No I won’t give you more then you can take

What does that mean?

Can’t you tell me my fate?

Yeah Lord I’m running in fear

Spears point in at my heart

Son you are saved

I knew that they would come

I won’t let them cut you deep in the soul that bleeds

It’s torture don’t you see?

When will the pain end?

Yeah Lord I need to escape this

Explosions go off in my temples

It was then that the men in coats approached

They broke in the windows and put needles in his veins

Cut out his eyeballs and sliced off his limbs

And the Lord cried out in anger and pain

For his son had known this would come

And he had stayed to endure

And when he asked if this was Heaven

The Lord told him he had survived Hell to get here


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