Hopeful Depression

I’m sorry I’m indifferent

I don’t mean to let you down

This lacking isn’t intentional

And darkness isn’t sought

I keep tripping over my feet

Rushing to keep up with myself

Yeah I’m pushing myself to the limit

Punishing myself for my failure

I’m going to give it my all

Forgive me for my excuses

I swear they’re more than that

I just need a little more time

To find where my soul is

I’ve been high up in space before

Chasing my Kings and Gods and Spirits

Yeah I used to have a great plan for all of this

My Love was boundless and it was pure

Affections were given freely then

Hold me closer to your heart

Let me into the inner chamber

So that I don’t fall down too far

To the shadows of yesterday

Let me remember to have hope

Give me the time to gather my strength

Yeah Lord bless me on my way to redemption

Follow me and watch over my endeavor

Of loving others unconditionally

Have faith in my motivations

Urge me to continue on this path

Give me the courage for success

And the true grit to grasp for it


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