Heath Lockner was a rodeo man, although he never rode a real bull in his life. The rodeo was his journey to make a difference in life, and his bull was his passion for greatness. He was a humble man, at least he liked to think so. He never bragged much, and when he did, his stories brought joy and inspiration to others around him. His dark brown eyes were sometimes seeking things so remote that people often remarked on his thousand yard stare.

A beautiful woman was in love with Heath. Her jet black hair would tickle his nose when he lay behind her in the bed that they shared. With this woman Heath was very much in love, her name was April. Though they fought like the great storms of Antarctica, the rejoicing when they fell back in love made the angels in heaven dance and sing.

Watching the rain used to make Heath think deeply, his frown bringing deep crevices to his long forehead. As years passed the rain no longer brought about these great reflections, instead it caused contempt for the cold and the aches in his bones. This went on for a time, as he slowly lost his reasoning and his control over his temper. It would be almost a decade before his trailing back to his former self and his contemplating of the rain again.

It was April who pushed Lockner to his greatness. She was the one who held his hand through the tremors of his body and the tornado of his anger. When he experienced the horrible withdrawal she whispered her love and faith into his ears. April believed in all of Heath’s conquests, she drove his fingers as they plucked the strings of life, for it was her rodeo too. When the shadow men came for him, it was she who murmured gentle songs to him until he was calm once again. His story would be one of tragedy if not for the fallen angel that was April Truman.

The love of April and Heath was unforgettable. The magnificent cities constructed on the foundations of Lockners trinkets and designs would build enormous sculptures pronouncing the bond of the extraordinary couple. The peace brought about by Truman’s ideas on Love and Faith would last longer then any previous war. There were parades and galleries dedicated in their honor. This always made each of them uncomfortable, as they had only the best interest of the planet in mind, but they entertained the people nonetheless to show their compassion.

Modern Earth history would go on for a millennium before we traveled to the stars. Lockner and Truman would die much before they could see this great expansion. When they passed on to the afterlife, the creator was proud of their accomplishments. So proud, in fact, that he allowed them to grant blessings to the rest of humanity as it seeded the universe. These blessing would come in the form of the alchemy of the fountain of youth. Truly mans greatest present from god was the Angel of April Truman who was allowed to descend to earth and fall in love with a mere mortal man, a man with many flaws and many vices. Mankind stayed playful and curious, and forever remembered the divinity that was brought about by the bright eyed Lockner and his dark haired wife.


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