A Prayer

Overconfidence can kill the dreams of the heart

But truth lies somewhere between hope and awareness

So don’t be afraid of all the hype and chest pounding

It’s just a coping mechanism for the weak

Yeah Lord I’m weak and I need the boost from it

Pull me up when I fall down and let me dust off my knees

Let me cry it out and then let me lean into the pain

So I don’t forget to get back up a little higher

And when my faith is weak just remember the old days

The days when I never thought I would come back to you for help

Hold me when the hate spills out from the haters mouths

And when they come for me give me the right words

To show compassion for them and to understand their ways

When I’m afraid give me courage to keep up with you in dark times

Because there will be anger and rage for my faith in your Love

Protect me especially when they call me foolish


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