Lost in the enigma of time and space

Rummaging for significance and Love

Yeah Lord that was my passage

Till’ I found ye and yer Word



Wandering was the wanderer


Forgotten was I

To yer Mighty eyes

Of sin and offense

I were feeding upon



If not for ye and yer incandescence

T’would be consigned to me oblivion

 Mine chin affixed to the earth

As blindly I trespassed



Chanting the hedonist’s chants


Reminiscing of

Pride and glory

No love aimed upon

In mine heart



When thou had unearthed me

My hand it was rightly cut off

For ’twas finer and more crucial

then the deprivation of mine



So I fortify the fortifications


Hold place

For Ye in my heart

Though sin pursues

Me I protect



Shadows will become obscure

To my enlightened perspectives

While I rouse the holy spirit

To descend into my



so tranquility

Be with ye Lord

And Love yer way

For here I lay



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