Faith through Anxiety

This trepidation is scathing on my perceptions

I fear my sanity when disaster looms

Though irrational it remains unabated

With no liberation from this disease

I keep my intentions in check

For they will surely be my undoing

I seek the haven where my soul may rest

And walk through the valley of the shadow of death

Lord hold my hands and beseech me to follow you

Keep my heart far away from the deceiver

Limit these visions that torture my reasoning

Aid me in purging the evil forces that tease

Circulate your Love through my heart chambers

Fill my cup with boldness and courage and true grit

Save me from evildoers who are pursuing me day and night

Fortify my home with your angels and your holy spirit

Let me remain unperturbed in my slumbering

So that my body will be rejuvenated come morning



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