I won’t murder my humanity

To run from the tortures of life and Love

I will embrace the pains and fall down on my knees

Surely I will cry out when my heart breaks

Only to rise and wipe the dust off


Lord show me how to offer Love

If I am broken and still you accept me

Be the mold for me to act the same

To my sisters

To my brothers


Yes forgive me for wanting to dominate

To take hold of this world by the throat and suffocate

It is my weakness that drives me to this madness

Insecurity knows not what to do when met with courage

So Lord grant me the true grit to Love your people


I want to be master

Though the title does not fit me

The crown is too heavy


I admit to you it is fear

That drives me to chase after the throne

Yes Lord I want to be King

Because I am afraid of loss

I do not want to be on the bottom


But truly I am wicked

Only through your Love am I lifted

From the disturbed sickness

That fuels my thoughts

And rots my soul


So I will carry my cross

Travel through the valley of death

And meet you in paradise


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