Struggles of pride

I want to be great Lord

Forgive me

I want to live forever

More then I want greatness

The pride

It fucks me up



My soul is tainted

My ego wants more then I have


Parched for spoils




It’s the money Lord

Yeah the shiny cars

Gripping me like a bloodsucker


Step into the Lambo babe

Have a seat on the leather couch

Drink some wine with me

Smoke some cigarettes

I’m screaming inside for this shit


Lord why did you leave me alone

With my mind to fall into Satan’s grasp

Where he teased me with objects

And showed me what could be mine

If only I bowed down to him


Well fuck it I did more then that

I prayed to that bastard

I let him take over my life

I fell down into hell for awhile


Forgive me for cursing at you

But you can see my truth anyway

You know I am squirming

Seething in my struggle with the devil


I have faith in you

I want you to make me pure

But I know that I am responsible

For where my heart lays down

So accept my apology

Forgive me

Love me



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