The game

I’m learning how to play the game

Yeah I’m focusing on my options

Build on strength and work on weakness


Growth comes not without pain

Yeah my anxiety wells up inside me

I only fear death before I reach my goals


I gotta be true to myself

Yeah I have Love and perseverance

Who would have thought I would be here


It’s been three years

Since I was on my knees wailing

Lord look at me now


And it’s true I might not make it

Yeah I could fail and my life go backward

But I’m not the type to give up just like that


Finding myself

Creating myself

Yeah I’m building a future

For me and my Love

Truly I am blessed


So thank you Lord

For letting me through your door

Yeah Lord I’m in your hands


Everyday I’m struggling

Do you see these scars?

Those were once wounds


Cause I push boundaries

I fall down and I get back up

Taller then I was before


Yeah I’ve failed a thousand times

My track record will surely show it

A history of dusting off my shoulders


I’ve had support along the way

Yeah Lord I give thanks for my angels

Without them I would still be at the bottom


I challenge my soul daily

I can look back to a weaker version

A boy who was only afraid

And though I still have fear

I’m complimented with courage


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