In my dream

There is a black Buick

Red steering wheel

Chrome mags


The engine roars

At me, begging

Me to take the

Driver’s seat


The fine leather

Beckons me to

Run away from life

And just drive


But when I open

The door, it creaks

And the leather

Cracks and fades


Mold grows on

The dashboard

And it emits

A foul odor


Though the car

Still runs, it

Groans and belts

Slip and whine


I am locked inside

And the chase begins

The old car

Is not fast enough


Soon my followers

Are crashing into

The side of me

Pushing in fenders


They fire pistols

Through the windows

Tearing holes

Into my abdomen


The Buick slides

Around a corner

Flipping me over

Again and again


Why am I running

And when did

My dreams

Become nightmares


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