It’s time to gamble

Yeah poker face straight

Those aren’t aces

But there’s a King in my hand


If I play em’ right

Yeah I might bluff you out

Stack my chips up high

Got you spinnin’ on tilt


It’s not a game Lord

But it feels like one


The odds are in the devils favor

Yeah He’s got a joker wild

Pulling on a jack

But He’s the fucking joker


See I got a queen too

Yeah she’s sexy Lord

And Maybe I don’t need to bluff

Not when she’s got my back


And when the flop comes down

I’ll double raise the bastard


Diamond on the turn

Yeah it’s all the wrong suit

And He’s grinning at me now

Sweat pours down my neck


It’s up to you now Lord

Yeah I have to keep betting

I got top pair with Queens

And my King is holding fast


The river comes and I don’t even look

Cause I’m all in no matter what



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