Can’t sleep

Lord suddenly I am

Lost and I feel like

crying out in my

Lack of understanding


Today was well liked and

Worth living for so why

Do I feel this sudden

Pain in my chest?


This fear is unquestionably

A reaction to the daunting

Unrecognizable future

That will hold no bounds


It is not just death that

I fear, it is the surety of

Mistakes and the loss

Of Loved ones I may face


It could all come crashing

Down in an instant and I

Am so afraid Lord of my

Frailty in this life


Will I be a man and face

The days to come or will

I back down like the

Coward I once was


I need to release pent up

Emotions that tug on the

Corners of my heart and

Grip me in my sleep


So help me Lord to get

The pain out of my body

And let go of the heavy

Burden that I face daily


I need to cry, I need to

Vent and though I push

And I push the feelings

Will not exit my mind


I’m all caught up in my

Anxieties and though it is

Early morning I feel the

Weight of the day already


I have things to accomplish

And mountains to climb so

Please answer me Lord before

I succumb to my depression



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