Ignorance of Love

My Love, whose kindness is expansive like railroads

She delivers cargo’s of reassurance on smoky locomotives

Forgiving my fickle ways, releasing the smog out of the stacks


Tell me, did you pay off the engineer?

Did you ask him to overload the firebox with passionate fuel?

Your belief in us burns as unerringly as the black coal


Even when I had forgotten our past

You laid yourself down on the rails and waited for me to save you

You knew in your heart that I would pick you up off the cold steel

And kiss you while yelling at your stupidity


But that would never stop you from Loving me

And in your tears over my rage

I would see that you lay in front of our steaming iron horse

Because you chose not to live without my embrace


Instantly I felt regret for the great trauma in your heart

That I had caused in my pompous ego chasing and insecurity

And the streams poured down my face

As I cursed my ignorance of my dumb luck

To have a gentle spirit in my life


You simply took me by the hand

And led me up the steep steps to the rail car

Where we would make our bed together

Order coffee from the stewardess

And lay there in our train that will never stray from its course


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