Just ranting

Fuck it lets roll one

Yeah that was my indifference

Before I found my ambition

I’d just enjoy the party

There was no discussion of big dreams

No upwards thrust to skies of tomorrow

I was stuck and I didn’t even care

I couldn’t give a shit that my life was going nowhere

So I’d toke away the pain and hope that everything would be alright

I’d drink because my friends drank and they said that it was okay

How could I not see how bad they were for me

Still good times were sometimes had

And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss those times now and again

But I’m in a better place now

My girl Loves me and she waited for me

To get my act together and grow up into a man

Instead of the little boy who ran away from his problems

I’m chasing after things that are bigger then myself

I still struggle everyday

But that doesn’t stop me from trying

I know in my heart I will succeed in one way or another

And respond to disasters with a more knowing understanding

I think about my brothers who are struggling

And I know I have to set an example for them

So I am driven to pursue the purpose that I’ve created for myself



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