Opera of words

The thrumming beat

It carries my words as their burden

Like the mast that careens the ship into a welcoming bay

If poetry is of folly, it is because the music was not enthralling


Wait, and now wait again

The most descriptive lyrics are about to settle

Onto the neurons that fire endlessly, the sparks of conscious electricity


With emphasis on clarity, I feel passionate about my work

Would you stay awhile, cross your legs with me and listen

To the way I express my thoughts in metaphor with tenderness


Drawing out a map of my desires, my intentions

So that fellow sailors may find their way back home

Where their lights shine from the back porch of the hippo-campus


If I may put forthright the jazz of my soul

I would be so thankful for your company, so we may dance

And sing about the emotions that tug on the corners of the heart


The chorus of my writing is my way of repeating how I feel

About those that I Love

With limericks I can share my deepest oceans of affection

That they may plunge into the abyss of endearment


So I give thanks to the melody that flutters the throttle

Steering my heart out of darkness through expression

And putting brakes on the thoughts of anxiety


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