The man I used to be

Let’s get faded

Put Yeezy on repeat

Get your skull invaded

I’m losin’ myself

I feel deflated

It’s complicated

That’s right my headspace is tainted

Just wanna get desecrated

Flip on that beat

Yeah baby lets get naked

Don’t worry if I’m sedated

Cause I don’t care if you think it’s sacred

Yeah I’m fucked up

The kind of guy you always hated

My masterpiece is a plastic hash pipe

Yeah I don’t paint like Monet did

I just cruise through life

My intentions completely unstated

I won’t be dissuaded

From my shitty lifestyle

Responsibility purposely evaded

I’ll make you feel jaded

You’ll hate me inside

Because I make you feel degraded

You’ll wish that we never dated

I make you so irritated

But you love me anyway

And with you I am aided

To seek a place so elevated

And become the man you always awaited

You brought me out of it

Made my mind feel concentrated

Stopped me from getting intoxicated

Showed me how to be sophisticated

Forgave me

Let me be reincarnated

And make you feel appreciated

Now I don’t live to get wasted

I’m a better me

And it’s been awhile since I got faded


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