A good woman

She stayed through the worst of it, focused on building a life

Offering intense love to an underachiever

She saw the potential that he was completely blind to

And when he yelled over the phone about his insecurities

It was only met with faith in his overtaking of the world


When he asked her why she loved him

She told him of his strengths that he was totally unaware of

And though there were some days where she must have wondered herself

She would not let go of him, would not falter in her resolve

Now the boy is growing into a man


His repeated failures are shaping his maturity

A shining light has passed over his soul in the form of a gentle woman

Whose resilience is unerring and robust

Notches are cut into his belt as he overcomes challenges

And each day he uses courage to fight his anxieties


The man is learning from his mistakes

He has realized his blessings and where he came from

Leaving the shell of his old life behind

Exposing himself to the elements of pain that will grind his spirit

Into a fine diamond


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