Frustrated, Hurt

Could you tell, if you looked at my face, that I am lonely?

Do my eyes give away my need for company?

I hope they do not

Because I must appear to be handling things


When I deemed myself a lesser human, what part did you play?

Were you there as my brother, or as my judge?

I needed you to show me compassion

I needed to trust you

You kicked me while I was down


I can do more then you think

I am not less then you


You still look at me with pretentiousness

And ignore me when I am speaking

But I am always there to give you advice

I’ve done what I can to show you love

Why do you treat me this way?


Perhaps one day you will grow into a man

And not be the selfish child you have been

I still believe in you, I will still be your brother

I will do my best to inspire you

To make greater decisions with your life


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