Listenin to music and Writin’ Poetry 9

They say freak, when you’re singled out

With red faces they execute you

I won’t lay down

I won’t punish myself


I liked have being hurt

It molded my self image

And when I finally fought back

It was fuel for my rampage


Long before, I’d send the pain below

It was suffocating

Now I face the suffering

Now I’ll get some


I’ll stand for nothing less

Then pride in myself for triumph

Saturate my life with confidence

I won’t lay cold and crippled


Turned around, had enough

I’m alive


Create a world, a special place

Of my design

Because panic makes remorse

I’ll set the pace again


If you’re leading me along

Then you’re pushing me away

Phase out your disease

Branch out to elevated places


I will never belong to you

Cast off your shackles

I’ll touch new life

Breaking patterns


Let it all go

Not falling back

Won’t entertain you

That show has passed over


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