To take a leap of faith is to die before death

To not take risks is life without living


Rationality argues with my dreams

Then again what have I to lose


These choices are my own to make

And yet I feel the whole world is watching me

Persecuting me with their reasoning


Would I lay on my death bed wondering?

Thinking of the things I could have done?


This decision will shape my life

Oh god I’m stuck in between


Years lost on the wrong path

Are they truly years lost?

Or will they be experiences worth remembering?


Am I blessed to have time to ponder this?

Or is it my curse to think myself into indecision?


Lord there’s so many unanswered questions

So many barriers to cross


If I choose to follow my heart

Who could judge me for that?

For who hasn’t made mistakes?


It is hard to balance tenacity

With an air of pragmatism


The road will require bravery

And I must walk with boldness




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