Do not lose touch with thyself

Though I talk of courage and strength

Tonight I feel weak in my knees

Lamed by stumbling on my journey

I am faced with rationality and dreams

Dueling like gunslingers in the wild west


I know that I could be great

If I didn’t need pills to stabalise

If I wasn’t known for losing patience

If I could control my anger

And think clearly through adversity


But then don’t we all say we could have more

If only it wasn’t for this and that?

Who is brave enough to challenge circumstance?

I like to think I am one of the few

Yet here I lay, caught in anxiety


If I am falling, I must catch myself swiftly

Before I drop too low into yesterday’s depression

Before I give up on myself

Before I have lost all I have fought for

And bring shame back into my life


If it is too hard then I will fail

Is failure really worth losing sleep over?

It is good to review the past with wisdom

And seek a better path for the future

But sometimes it is necessary to dare


So I ask those that I love

Will you stay with me through failure?

Will you encourage me to overcome?

Will you still love me whatever the outcome?

And celebrate with me if I succeed?


There is much thinking to be done

But I must not ponder too long

Because I will lose my bearings

Question my own perseverance

And become listless in my walking



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