Have Hope

Not all of my brothers will make it out

No matter the strength they have

The world can beat them down further


I feel blessed that I was able to pave a way for myself

That I could balance my chemistry again


I still suffer inside thinking of those who work hard

And feel no relief from pain


I can only offer what has helped me

And pray that it can inspire them to help themselves

To have persistence in their path finding


We are all hurting in some way

In different ways then others


Finding those who have faced similar tragedy

Can bring comfort to your own


Having been hurt

Tortured by anxiety and depression

It is only through hope that I am free


The struggle is devastating

Crippling me where I am weak


I must seek out my strength

And grapple onto the ledges that are few and far in between


It has not been an easy journey

Many times I have fallen

Many more times will I fall


Yet I am shaped by my circumstance

Forged by fire into hard granite


When I am crying out in my pain

It is my want for something better that pushes me


Though it is hard to believe in something

It is the only answer to the horrors of life

I must look for the beauty of suffering


The lack of desire and the anhedonia

Have a prettiness that most will deny


But my stoic answer to lack of feelings

Is that I was always in control of how I reacted


When I put myself to work

In whatever small way that it was

It did not motivate me any further


I trudged on anyways

Thinking that there was no other way out


Looking back on the small things that multiply

I can see the progress I have made and I am proud








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