The folly of the young is yearning to be cool

What is this special need that we desire?

If only we could see it is love that we seek


It is in this search for our inner jazz

That we lose our real self confidence

Disrespecting ourselves for appearances


Where is the man who sees his kindness as a virtue?

The woman who sees her laughter as a blessing?


We don’t need to hurt each other

To be okay with ourselves

When we lift up our brothers and sisters

They may turn around one day

And lift us up too


We must learn compassion

Freely offer advice to those in need

And share in others burdens


This does not free us from insecurities

Yet we must not run from them either

We must learn to accept ourselves for who we are

It is most freeing to be yourself

And to build one another’s strengths


Let go of your need to fit in

And simply be

A lesson not easily learned

We are all judged harshly when we are young

But it is those most courageous

Who will grow into the leaders of tomorrow


You will be forgiven for your transgressions

But it is vital that you learn from them

Because we are all suffering


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