Got I am grateful

For the life I have been offered

I have cursed you so many times

Forgetting what others struggle with

Truly you have blessed me

And given me the things I have needed

Perhaps you allowed me to go through hard times

If only to teach me just how much you gave me

I ask for forgiveness for my arrogance and greed

Though the road is more treacherous now

I will keep walking in faith

Praising you for allowing me to experience my time here

I allowed demons into my life

And I must keep them on a leash everyday now

So I will put on your armor

And pray that I will be protected from evil

Please help my brothers and sisters who are suffering

They need you

I will try to do my part in lifting them up

For that is your work that you would have me do

And I see now that you blessed me for a a greater purpose

To share my compassion with the earth

I am so sorry I couldn’t see that before

And I thank you for showing me the way


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