Solitude weeps

In my solitude I found myself gnashing my teeth

Frustration and depression seething inside of me

I am lifted up by the support of one who understands

Whose laughter and common traits bring me happiness


It is those most close to us who we sometimes rely on for tranquility

Who motivate us to become robust in the face of trepidation

They are our guiding light through darkness

Their spirits inspiring us to look at life with eyes refreshed


When I am alone I am most vulnerable

To insidious thoughts that overtake

I must reach out to others when I am low

For it is gainful to have strong friendships


Like minded individuals are our mirror

To see our strengths and our weaknesses

So that we can build each other up high

Reaching the heavens with our bonds


I am lucky to have met those who appreciate me

Whose gentle utterance of encouragement establish us

When we internalize their compliments

Our passions will reveal themselves to our souls


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