The Lion and the Demon

Confusing thoughts persist in my mind

Despair mingles with hope

The Demon and the Lion sharing a table

Discussing who is the fiercest


The Demon has wit and subtle magic

He can work his way into cracks in the soul

Wriggling his way deep inside

To spread his fingers around the soft innards

And squeeze with sharp claws that traumatize

He wraps dire blackness around the heart

Because he does not have one himself


The Lion is ambition and pride

He seeks to build the soul into a pristine temple

Meditating on the greater perspectives

He gives the heart ideas that enchant

With his savage roar fear is turned to prey

That he chases endlessly with courage

His archetype is wild and free and loving


The conversation grows heated

Until they are at each others throats

The Lion snapping with great white teeth

The Demon jabbing at the Lion’s eyes

A war ruptures the inside of my skull


Tonight it seems they will fight and fight

Will this battle rage on for one hundred years?

Some days it feels like it will never end

All I can do is feed my Lion

And do my best to strangle the Demon


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