Who fucked up


Who got fucked up

Yeah God

You dealt me a strange hand

Cause I know I could be better then this

If you didn’t give me this prollem’

Depression, anxiety

Fuckin’ schizoaffective disorder

What would I have been

A king

Lord of a manor

Maserati’s and Maybach’s

At least I got my candor

Yeah thank you God for what I got

Cause I know it could be so much worse

I got love from different places

My life is worth living

Yeah I guess you dealt me a couple aces

So can’t you see God?

Can’t you see why I’m confused?

Cause’ I know it could have gone up or down

But instead I’m right in the middle

Where nothing moves

So what do I need God?

You tell me

Should I suffer some more?

Or is it about time I got a break?

I’ll trust you can figure that shit out

And give me a fuckin’ answer

Cause right now it’s black and it’s blue

It’s a fucked up situation and I’m lookin’ at you


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