Push until it hurts

Dig the finger into the wound

Push it in until I cry out

Because I need to cry out

Need to feel that pain

So I can express it and be done with it

Being numb doesn’t do me no good

And god knows I was chasing lack of feeling

But that was the old me

The new me is stronger then that

I’m failing more lately; that’s a good sign

It means I’m trying and doing

And facing things that I never faced before

I’m learning to get back up again

I’m learning how to forgive myself

And life gets better when I face it

It’s fear that stops me

And fear is no longer useful to me

Just gotta change up my thinking

And realize that I can do more then I thought

It hurts to grow

So I have to learn to accept that pain

And see it as what’s necessary

I have to keep pushing myself

Through the fear and the anxiety

Turning the depression into something I can feel

Something that can hurt me so that I can heal


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