The King

In a distant universe, a King

Black and gold robes, rings

A collection of cars, things

His castle ivory, white

Smile infectious, bright

A man of wits, insight


Fought many battles against the odds

His might noted, by the gods


Followed a wolf into the woods

Seeking fur for his wife

Tripped on a stone

Cracked his skull, lost his life


The god Heptus, of Love and Power

Felt pity for the king

Sang life back into his soul

Gave him a halo, wings


King returned

Kingdom thrived

Until a demon appeared

Attacked, kingdom barely survived


Attention brought to kingdom

Devils seeking blood

Wars trampled planet

Changed it’s surface to mud


Flying above with swords and guns

King obliterates demons

Bullets in their lungs


Heptus sorry, hides face in hands

King forgives

The kingdom still stands


Take these wings, king proclaims

Death does not scare

Never ran from the flames


King dies of age, old

Kingdom continues, bold

Survives the winter, cold

Legacy survives, strong

Do not fear, belong

Life is good, long




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