Feeble Fantasies


You’ll see me in another life

A crown rested over my brow

Drawing a crowd of followers

With no struggle to satisfy


Tell me anything

Your truth, your curse

I will dilute your afflictions

Let me be the solvent to hardship


Give me water and I say to you

Blood red wine will spill from my veins

Plead me for your days bread

And I will surely give you sustenance


I ride a red chariot whose speed

Is known throughout my kingdom

Whose rumbling stride

Brings thunder into your heart


Electricity uttered from my fingertips

Lights the skies in white lightning

Truly not even the sun is as bright

As the power that I unleash


They know that I am a good King

Whose love they may cherish

A man who breathes life into blackened lungs

And stomps on the heels of the wicked


In this life you will see a fractured soul

Whose feeble fantasies abound

A man who holds himself as best he can

And trudges through mud for a single silver coin


But this broken mortal has gifts to offer

A gentle array of words to soothe

Canvas that cultivates capture of spirit

And an open heart extended through open arms


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