Deals with the serpent

The black telephone rings

I know the men in suits

Are on the other end

My smile is almost a snarl

I’m frothing at the mouth

Nearly hyperventilating

My hands shake as I grab the handset


When I give my hello

My heart goes seven shades blacker

I am ravenous now

Nearly choking on my lustrous need

Closer to a devil than a man


I can hear them laughing, hyenas

Like a maniac I join in

I hear screaming… From somewhere far away…

They are quick to state their terms

Quicker still in their offer of gifts

A deal slithers from their lips

And before I know it I am theirs


When I sat on that throne of gold

A repulsive grin on my face

An emptiness where my soul had been

It was then I realized

The screaming I heard was my own