Say Love

The things I cannot mold with my hands

Cause a sorrow of heart and of mind

If only, if only, if only…

Is all that drags on in my head

And so we carry on through pain

In worry for your mother

Stuck in the cold grip of fear

Our heads spinning from lack of control

Though your emotions are well hidden

Still I sense the corners of your hurting

Suffocation, drowning

Strapped in, with no power to move

So much anger at how unfair this is

So afraid of what it all means

How are the memories so far off now

Why can’t we live the way we did before

I wish I had answers to give you

I wish, I wish, I wish…

But here we are staring

At the hard face of life

Who’s stern indifference tears at our chest

And eats our passion to live

This is not where we give in

Nor do we turn away

My words will not change time

They are only the expression of my heart

And perhaps they will have an emptiness

That does not satisfy your need for more

So let me hold you instead

And don’t let go until you are ready

Pray First

Say Love, Say Love, Say Love


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