When fear of the resting place looms

I am comforted that my mind returns to love



Money and respect gives me a high

But it does not compare to God’s Love


I find great comfort in his compassion

And his promise to the everlasting


As I sit in my room contemplating the future

Nothing brings me more tranquility than Him


I am born of sin and immorality

And battle my desires everyday


But I know that He is with me

Through the thick of it


When I write from the Heart

My greatest feelings and concerns

The anxieties and my dreams

It is through Him that I am eased


I am afraid of ridicule

And I hide my faith


I know this hurts Him

I ask forgiveness for my cowardice


One day I hope to be stronger

To show my respect without fear


Until that day comes

I will continue to pray


I Love you Lord

And I give my thanks for your blessings