Delusions of grandeur

I’m haughty in my glory

Yeah I’ll admit I’m arrogant

But my egos always been fucked

It’s on one end or the other

I like it better this way

Some day I’ll find the middle ground

For now I’ll ask for your worship

Just look at where I came from

And you’ll know I deserve the acclaim

Cause’ not that long ago I was crawling

It’s delusions of grandeur

That’s fine with me

I’m my own biggest fan

I owe myself the honor

For being so hard on myself



My fears are helicopters running on inexhaustible fuel

They hover above me, the droning blades laying heavy on my ears

Phrases of ridicule are fired at me like red-tipped missiles

It’s only a matter of time before the men in black uniforms drop down

Aiming pistols at my chest

While shouting their frustration at my failed attempts to succeed


Silver jets with .50 caliber guns reinforce the plundering choppers

Their bullets are the memories of my youth

When the bully would spit on my feet and laugh at my stuttering


Troops dressed in grey sweatshirts gather around my house

They are all the same, it is a common man cloned to the thousands

He is the most frightening to me

His stubbly beard reminds me of men beaten by their fathers

His purpose is not entirely clear

I only know that he is a threat to my mortality


These armies of rage attempt to thwart me endlessly

Each day I am pressed to the ground

But through the terror I am able to find my ambition

With the help of a perfect man who died to forgive me

I ignore the thoughts of helplessness

And though I am delusional

I am able to go on with my days

Pursuing my dreams and challenging goals I set for myself