Delusions of grandeur

I’m haughty in my glory

Yeah I’ll admit I’m arrogant

But my egos always been fucked

It’s on one end or the other

I like it better this way

Some day I’ll find the middle ground

For now I’ll ask for your worship

Just look at where I came from

And you’ll know I deserve the acclaim

Cause’ not that long ago I was crawling

It’s delusions of grandeur

That’s fine with me

I’m my own biggest fan

I owe myself the honor

For being so hard on myself


Listenin’ to music and Writin’ poetry 8

Tryin’ to stack these millions

But really I’m just chillen’


See I wanna be a leader

Make plays in my grand theater


Am I humble?

Will my ego make me stumble?


Yeah Lord it feels good

To praise myself


Waking up on the sofa

Isn’t enough I want ambrosia


I’m chasing material things again

Lord I cannot abstain


I promise it’s just for now

Soon enough I’ll bow back down



Lord forgive me

Lord I feel great ego

Can I let it drive me for awhile?

Cause I can’t stop


I’ve conquered challenges

That I never thought I could

And I’m still climbing


Lord I know I shouldn’t chase material things

But tonight my greed overtakes

I want the money and the titles


Let me reach my goals

And make me humble along the way

Always keep my heart close


Black cars, white rugs

Oh lord how tempting

Save me


I’ll always do my best

To keep what’s true to you in mind

And I’ll Say Love when I can


So carry me through

Promise me your Love

And forgive me

Listenin’ to music and Writin’ poetry 7

Ball so hard

Motherfuckers wanna find me


Watch the throne

Yeah I’m definitely in the zone


Gold dress

Yeah I got me a model


Louder, louder

Scream success even louder


Black on black on black

Velvet and leather


Whips so fast

Not enough parking spots


My faith in god

Why I pray so hard


My dreams is big

Yeah welcome to the jungle


I’m in the moment

My persistence is potent


Juggle time and money

That’s my bitch


I paid for this

Late nights and suffering


Been waiting a long time

A little longer now to my high


Go harder then you’ll figure

I’m sure my ideas are bigger


Live my life

Just to get off and throw my hands up high