I’m afraid of the hand that writes

Because I share what’s inside

My guts spill out for strangers

And I have nothing but rawness

No elegance or skill belongs to me

I’ll explode if I don’t express myself

Why do I feel like apologizing

For taking up your time



If dancers were wild could we capture their soul

Tie ropes ’round ankles and put them on display

Would they still have the heart to move like the wind

Or would they simply lose spirit and fade away

Could we steal a kiss from two lovers at night

And store it in a bottle made of sapphire and gold

Would it still hold the passion of the lovers embrace

Or would it crumble and die when we took off the lid

Human expression is not something to handle

To fondle and ravage like a toy or a doll

We are what we are and that’s what makes us unique

So be present when love comes knocking on your door

In Love

She stayed with me last night

Time stopped for us as we played

And when we lay down to sleep

The words got stuck in my throat

So I shared my love with a gentle touch

Kissing her shoulders, holding her tight

So many things I wanted to tell her

But I am lost for how to express myself

It is so subtle to be in love

Things unspoken cannot be spoken

There is no vocabulary for the feelings

Appreciation is offered through actions

A firm embrace shares a million thoughts

Laughter fixes any distance there was between us

Simply being in her presence can brighten my realm

Dreams come slow, and they go so fast

Dreams come slow, and they go so fast

Wondering if something will ever last

And here it comes again, that burning hope

that my will be done


Everything I’ve built is only in the past

It takesĀ all of me not to fill the flask

And here it comes again, that burning hope

that my will be done


How can I let it go, when it’s already gone,

I’m clutching onto nothing

And there’s a certain freedom

When you know you’ve hit the bottom


They say you only know your lover when you let her go,

But how can a King let his empire cease to grow

And here it comes again, that burning hope

that my will be done