In flight alone a bird is not free

Nor in sweet mellow song does it find liberty

It’s love and it’s love that bring the bird peace

Its love and it’s love that makes the heart beat



I am greedy for attention

My past, full of rejection, has spoiled me

I sway to the patterns of others so that they may stop by

And visit me for a time

I tempt my creativity, coax it into inglorious words

So that I may draw those to me who would put me on a pedestal

My loneliness knows no bounds

And I find myself plotting and planning with an evil grin

Coming up with nefarious schemes to capture them in my net

It is my own neediness that pushes those I respect away from me

And I am left alone to my own devices, a ticking clockwork of depression

Where are those who would teach me the ways of healthy relationships?

They see me as wrecked, a soul not worth saving

So I build my own boat and sail on the ocean of vague experiences

Which teach me the lessons I never learned while I was growing into a man

And though I have spite for my devastation and pain

I also feel pride for finding the inner workings of my fellow man

Through many mistakes and heartbreaks

It is not a kind world on those who are gentle

But those who have courage will prevail through the suffering

There was a time where I grew angry and sheltered myself

Now again I wear my heart on my sleeve

Yet it is with maturity that I protect it from the bashing of ridicule

And though my heart will be stomped from time to time

I can form it back into it’s original shape like fine clay

Because I was born with kindness in my soul

And I shall die while comforting those who would miss me

Lessons in Love

When we share Love

Our hearts present themselves

To be embraced or shattered


It is vital to have courage

When opening the doors

To the inner space of our minds


Sometimes the damage done

Takes a millennium to heal


This will not stop me from Loving

I am brave in my fear of loss


I know the tides will some days be rough

I have built safe havens to retreat to

When the ocean is not gentle on my spirit


With maturity comes a carefulness

That only experience can cultivate

It is through loss that I have gained


I am blessed from my endurance

And I have received the spoils


My life has increased in value

By lessons learned of Love