Put the weight on the bar

Got a hope and a calling

No more goddamn stalling

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Cut out the shame and the fear

Shift my life into gear

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Fail hard and fail often

Say to hell with caution

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Cut out the bad and the toxic

You can’t be in my life if your catastrophic

Put the weight on the bar

And lift


Appreciate my love and my blessings

Understand that life is always testing

Put the weight on the bar

And lift




I’m building the foundations for my castle

With stones that I carved from experience

Some are tainted with blood

Other’s are blessed by holy water

The Devil waits on the outskirts

Offering his hand when I am overburdened

I do not lie when I say that sometimes I accept

And when I do my mind wanders into dark forests

That are full of wolves and snakes of no earthly presence


Stronger than life

Welts are growing on my chin

Scabs are glazing under the muscle

Deep impacts from the knife

Scar tissue

When it all breaks

I lean on my mistakes

Cause I can come alive

Love will break the chains

I’m invincible

My legs are throbbing

From the battle

Swords are heavy

So I use my fists instead

Bashing life’s head in

Feels more satisfying anyways

I have a few words to share

With the demons that haunt me:

Kiss my ass


I feel simple of mind

I could whisper a beautiful word

But it would mean no more or less

Better to be raw

And forthcoming in my expression

Brilliance is not my forte

My emotions are hot and cold

Besides, language leaves much to be desired

Look into my eyes

Do you see the presence lacking?

Feel my chest

Does my heart not beat with vigor?

Though my emotions are flatlining

Love will not be squeezed from me

When shadows cover the light

She pokes me in the back

And tells me the direction I should take

So does life keep me down?

Surely it gives me pain

But life is what life is

And love is kind to me


What is timeless?

What cannot be taken from me?


On dark days I can be found weeping

Asking myself these flawed questions


We are thrust into existence

Clawing, thrashing, gasping for air

Pain is introduced to us with no invitation

So where do we find reason, passion, joy?


I cannot answer that question for everybody

I only know the answer for myself


I spiral downwards

To touch the sharp prickles

I bleed, I am poisoned

I am broken, cut and bruised

Until my body breaks completely

And I am left with a sopping mess


I pick up my heart

It has been trampled and roughed

And I begin mending

Sowing with a needle of purpose

Because I promised myself I would persist

Because I promised myself I would rebuild


I realize that moments can be infinite

I realize that nothing was mine to be taken


So what is my answer?

The challenge is my reason

The journey is my passion

The memories are my joy