Lord if you hear me

And if you are kind

I could use a little comfort

To ease my mind

I’m happy with progress

And the way that things are

But there’s still a black surface

Resting under the scar

I’m not the same person

Inside and out

Some things are better

Others bring doubt

I ask that you lift me

Up out of this haze

Give my life purpose

And show me your ways



We are loved

Written in the blackest swells of my brain

The words of ugly, the verses of shame

No matter the piety of the frontal lobes

I cannot dispel the distortion and disparity

Yes we are flawed, oh Lord


Skim through the pages of sin

And find that there are many

Wade through the puke and the spit

To find my soul tangled with snakes

Yes we are lost, oh Lord


Underneath the filth rests faith

Sputtering and choked by circumstance

Craving release when I am overwhelmed

Only to be suffocated when I am well

Yes we are proud, oh Lord


I know that I am forgiven

I know that I am loved

Lord of Grace

Lord of grace and goodness

Bless these hands of mine

To caress and embrace my Love

In twilight twixt the sun and earth


Though foolishly my soul leaps

From this proposition and that

Enthrall my essence in you

For Love knows only true truths


Cradle mine eyes on ye

Lead me in accordance with you

In yearning and in trust

That I may say Love, say Love, say Love


Yeah Mighty are ye oh Lord

Fractal in your everlasting ways

Merciful and tolerant

So that transgressors may find pardon


Benevolence is your possession

That you allocate to my heart

Yeah Lord in your dominion

Over man and beast and wildflower


You have thrust affection

In the clasp of my lovers breast

When we sleep hand in hand

With moonlight glistening on our shoulders


Forever I am obliged to ye

To walk in your light

Gratitude seeps out of my spirit

As I ascend to the high places of heaven