The man that I am

Letting go of the addiction to numbness

Means accepting emotions long left underneath

Fluttering in and out in swarms

Forgotten hurt floats to the surface

I am reminded today that I feel worthless

A slithering darkness is showing through


Forgive me for my self pity

But I must ask why I was made this way

So sensitive and fragile and loving

Not attuned to the competition of life

I try to define my own masculinity

But any beauty I behold is not seen


What world do I fit into?

Who could look up to me with pride?

I am nothingness, emptiness

A bottle that holds no message


I am tender, I am gentle

I seek love and understanding


Traits not wanted

Traits not desired

I am trampled for seeking Love

I am trampled for sharing Love


And though I complain of pain and sorrows

I cannot change the heart that beats inside


I am the man that I am


I can only hope to influence others

To be the people I need them to be

The people we all need them to be

Because we are all hurting inside


There are not enough men with kind hearts

There is not enough understanding in this life

With confidence in my strength through Love

I may mentor those who are lost along the way


I can foresee a gathering of brothers and sisters

Who are open to their vulnerability

An evolution of minds and spirits

A reforming of our human nature


Perhaps I will lose some things along the way

Perhaps my vision will not be seen

I must carry on with my callings

I must carry on through the hurt


Because I am the man that I am