I feel funny posting these poems about weightlifting without admitting that I’ve only been doing it for a month and a half. A big part of motivating myself is getting pumped up about it, so I’m just writing how I feel about doing it. I’m not a beast (yet!). I’m working on my self esteem as much as I’m working on lifting heavier weights. So my poems might seem a little over the top or like I’m bragging (with nothing to back it up). I’m just trying to fake it until I make it. And it seems to be working because the more I pump myself up the better I feel about myself.

Anyways just thought I would add this little disclaimer because my poems are probably going to be pretty boastful and silly for awhile. Sorry! I’ve already made some progress in the past month or so and I’m proud of that. My poetry is my outlet for expression, and since starting to work out I feel great! I’ve always worked out on and off, but never really did a set program. I’ve been doing benchpress and curls twice a week (LOL!) for the past month, consistently at least. Yesterday I started a real program called Phraks. It’s a full body workout 3 days a week. Trying not to screw around anymore, so I’ve been learning about weightlifting a lot lately. I’m also super excited because my girlfriend is going to do the same program with me when she comes over to visit.

I’ve gained about 10 pounds since the end of June. I won’t post my numbers because they’re still not super amazing. The only thing I will say is that the weights have gone up by five pounds every workout. Some days I struggle to get the reps but I’m always adding more weight. The weight I started at feels more like a warm-up compared to what I am lifting now.

To anyone thinking about starting a exercise routine, I encourage you to just pick something and start. People who know me have noticed a physical difference in under 2 months of work. It feels awesome!



Delusions of Grandeur

Aeronautical flagship


Over my kingdom

With my insignia


A thousand men


For my orders to

March into war


Through conquest

I have

Become mighty

And idolized


Like King David

I am

Worthy of God’s

Praise and blessing


My name is King


And my empire

Is sanctified

Narcissists prayer

I would speak of my greatness

Though I am small

And I would pound my chest

Though I am weak


In their judgement’s

I have grown air of superiority

To relinquish feelings

Of inadequacy


A narcissists prayer

Will surely focus on oneself

And the haughty praises

Of courage and might


Forgive my boasting

I have not felt healthy pride

Only the whispers of success

Have been in my shadow


So I will write of my progress

If only to construct a viewpoint

Of where I stand in the competition

That is the life surrounding us

Struggles of pride

I want to be great Lord

Forgive me

I want to live forever

More then I want greatness

The pride

It fucks me up



My soul is tainted

My ego wants more then I have


Parched for spoils




It’s the money Lord

Yeah the shiny cars

Gripping me like a bloodsucker


Step into the Lambo babe

Have a seat on the leather couch

Drink some wine with me

Smoke some cigarettes

I’m screaming inside for this shit


Lord why did you leave me alone

With my mind to fall into Satan’s grasp

Where he teased me with objects

And showed me what could be mine

If only I bowed down to him


Well fuck it I did more then that

I prayed to that bastard

I let him take over my life

I fell down into hell for awhile


Forgive me for cursing at you

But you can see my truth anyway

You know I am squirming

Seething in my struggle with the devil


I have faith in you

I want you to make me pure

But I know that I am responsible

For where my heart lays down

So accept my apology

Forgive me

Love me


True Grit

They say true grit comes from courage of the heart

Some days I don’t know where my heart lies

There are times when I can push through the fear

But now and then I stumble onto my knees

What type of man does this mean I am

Should I feel shame for my repeated failures

Or shall I shout out my pride in my days of glory

And pound my chest over my triumphs?