To me, the stars are all alike

Light years humble their greatness

So that one looks no different than another

I hope that the distance I create

Between you and I

Would do the same to my tiny shadow

Making me as bold and beautiful as you



A man who lives

In shame for his

Lack of providing

For himself and

Those that he Loves


Lonely nights spent

Wondering who

Would look upon

Him with pride


This man sometimes

Gives in to his

Weakness and self

Destructs his world

With great regret

In the days following


Though he is not

Completely broken

His motivation is

Twisted and skewed

Into an ugly mess


He feels like he

Is less then his

Fellow man, an

Embarrassment to

His own kind


How can this man

Pick himself up

From the ashes

Cultivated by

Circumstance and

His own poor choices


True Grit

They say true grit comes from courage of the heart

Some days I don’t know where my heart lies

There are times when I can push through the fear

But now and then I stumble onto my knees

What type of man does this mean I am

Should I feel shame for my repeated failures

Or shall I shout out my pride in my days of glory

And pound my chest over my triumphs?